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Using Social Media

You can learn a lot of valuable information about your target demographic and their search behavior by launching a basic ad campaign on Facebook or by promoting a post on Instagram. These business tools allow you to effectively see to which keywords used in your post,...

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Getting Started Sharing Your Business

Getting people to know you exist is a crucial step in an established market like selling Young Living Essential Oils. Your business needs exposure if it’s going to compete in a crowded industry with established distributors and other oil brands pushing their products....

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Launching Your Business

Before you get started pushing your business, you need to roll play and study a bit. Would you start a tire shop knowing nothing about tires, brands of tires, and what makes them better than another brand? You wouldn’t, and you shouldn’t start an oil business without...

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Who Are Your Customers?

One of my goals as a Young Living Distributor is to introduce others to this life changing opportunity and to help each person develop and grow their own business. As you think about your new or potential Young Living Business, consider the following. Do you know who...

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Start the New Year with a Bang!

A New Year is here and so is Young Living's January Promotion! Let's break down this month's promotion. 100 PV (Essential Rewards Order Only) Receive an Essential Rewards exclusive gift of a 5ml bottle of Digize Vitality, an...

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Deck the Halls with Holiday Goodies!

Holiday joy is heading your way with this month's promotion from Young Living! 100 PV (Essential Rewards Order Only) Receive an Essential Rewards exclusive gift of a 5ml bottle of Lemongrass Vitality, an $8.22 value. 190 PV...

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All About Carrier Oils

Carrier oils are a big part of any successful essential oil experience, yet they are often overlooked or misunderstood.   What are carrier oils? Carrier oils are stable oils that are an excellent medium of the dilution and application of essential oils.  These oils...

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Young Living Blog

What Can You Do with a 15-ml Bottle of EO?

One little bottle, so many drops! A 15 ml bottle of essential oil may look small, but those amber bottles pack a lot of power. From diffusing to DIYing, there are countless ways to use those precious drops—here are 21 ideas to get you...

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Self-Care Sundays

  Self-care isn’t a new concept, but it’s a habit worth picking up. It’s never too late to start making yourself a priority! Setting aside time for yourself and following through can give you a whole new perspective on life. As challenging as it can...

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7 daily uses for Stress Away

With naturally delicious scents like Lime, Vanilla, Lavender, and more, it’s no surprise Stress Away™ essential oil blend is one of Young Living’s most popular products! When you catch the citrus-sweet scent, you can’t help but stop, take a deep breath,...

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5 tips for Procrastinators

  Want to learn how to not procrastinate? The best place to start is by trying something new! Personalize these tips and hacks so they work for your lifestyle; you’ll become more productive, and you’ll be able to set goals and accomplish them. Check...

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Skin care for your age

There are rarely times when we’re 100 percent content with the skin on our face. It feels like there’s always more to be doing to improve our complexion: drinking more water, using more natural ingredients, and eating less sugar. From younger days of...

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Dr. Mom: Cold-weather wellness

Parents know that there are a few things you can count on with cold weather: more cuddles, coats, hot chocolate requests, and kiddos with rosy cheeks in need of extra TLC. Prepare yourself for whatever winter throws at you with these YL products for...

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9 Essentials for Dr. Mom

Moms nurture their kids in every way—mentally, physically, and emotionally. They’re the all-purpose, everyday fixer of problems big and small. From an upset tummy to a broken heart, Dr. Mom™ is there to care, comfort, and cuddle whenever it’s needed. Whether it’s...

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